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Guillermo Kelly came up with the idea to create a mural on the large waterfront cliffs of his hometown, Mazatlan.  The idea has met with a lot of enthusiastic reception and has now inspired local architects develop a plan for redesigning the street below to create plazas and make it more pedestrian friendly.  

Mazatlan, which started out as a small fishing village, is on a peninsula and thus surrounded by lots of water rich in ocean life.  Among local fishermen there has been the tradition through generations of passing down old legends about mermaids, as well as claims in past times of mermaid sightings.  So Guillermo has based the mermaid theme of his marine-allegory mural, which he intends as a homage to the beauty of Mazatlan women, on these local tales.  The design of the mermaids will also reference Mazatlan's tradition of donning elaborate costumes in the annual carnival parade.  

The mermaids and sea creatures will be created in high relief out of fiberglass covered with colorful tiles and attached to the cliffs with stainless steel clamps embedded in the stone.  One mermaid will be suspended from an old, unused bridge, with a cascading curtain of water in the background.  There are also plans to illuminate the mural so that it can be seen well at night.

Mazatlan Mural Project
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TV interview with Guillermo and Arturo Garduno Gallegos on April 13, 2015
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Video of the architect's conceptual presentation of the Mazatlan project.
Channel 7 Mazatlan, TV interview (Spanish) with Guillermo H. Kelly and Arturo Garduno Gallegos
EL DEBATE Planean un teatro al aire libre en el Cerro de la Nevería Mazatlán -
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El Debate Mazatlan, TV interview (Spanish) with Guillermo H. Kelly, Arturo Garduno Callegos, and Mario Martini
Audio Interview (Spanish): Cerro de la Nevería, and plans for waterfront renovation. Artist Guillermo H. Kelly and architect Arturo Garduño Gallegos.
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